[lammps-users] fix wall/gran wiggle command

Dear list

i am trying to move both walls in a granular simulation using the following command

" fix 1 all wall/gran 200000.0 NULL 50.0 NULL 0.5 0 xplane -10.0 10.0 wiggle 1.0 0.01"

when i visualize i found that only left wall is moving

i also tried to use two fix commands , like one for left wall and other for right wall, even then only one wall is moving

could you please suggest me if we need to do something different to make both walls oscillate

thanking you


Fix wall/gran xplane is always a pair of walls. They should both
be wiggling together. Since you can't viz the wall directly,
how do you know the wall isn't wiggling? I.e. that your
particles are close enough to interact with it?