[lammps-users] Floating exception in FIX

Dear Steve,

I am trying to implement a new fix to compute the normal mode decomposition. Currently I am able to read all input data files, as well as, to provide memory for all arrays needed to calculate the decomposition. However, whenever, I define the following in setmask() method:

mask |= END_OF_STEP

to use the cited method, I am obtaining a “Floating exception”. My end_of_step() method is empty. It only prints:

printf(“FixNMODES::end_of_step \n”);

Hence, I do not know, what is happening nor why this exception is produced?

Now, if I comment “//mask |= END_OF_STEP”, the program runs well. Of course, no calculations are performed in my fix.

Any suggestion about why I am getting this exception?

Thank in advance, Javier

Any fix that does an end-of-step() must define nevery, typically
as one of its args. This is used by modify.cpp which invokes
the fix methods.