[lammps-users] for help!

Dear Axel,

      Thank you very much for your reply. The system I modeled is the
growth of semiconductor. At time 0, I make adatom atoms in array. And

i still don't understand, what "in array" would mean in this context.

after 1ns simulation, the adtom atoms do not mixed as I imagine. The

computers don't lie. they just do exactly what you tell them
(unless they are broken...), so you'd rather should look at
what you put in your input script. it looks somewhat convoluted
to me and from a quick look, i don't immediately see what it is
supposed to do. thus my suggestion would be to strip off everything
and then add the components step-by-step and check at each step
whether it is still doing what you want and then you should be
able to identify, what is going wrong.

graph is shown in the following. The data file and the in file are in
the attachment. I just wonder to know the reason and learn more by
this example. I will appreciate it if you can give me more

just follow the general scientific method. if you cannot explain
a problem, break it into pieces and solve each of the pieces.