[lammps-users] FW: xmovie Error

I tried to run and visualize a simulation involving atoms interacting with a lj93 wall.
The thermo_modify setting to just give a warning when atoms are getting lost instead of stopping the run with an error message was used.

Now when I try to use xmovie on the dump file I’m only getting one frame, and the error message: (Error occured at line 11
Processing ITEM: ATOMS x y z vx vy vz fx fy fz
LINE = “2.15443 0 0 -0.17691 -0.459686 -0.950475 -2.32019e-17 1.66561e-16 -0.547988”
Read aborted.)

Input script and truncated dumpfile attached.


in.lennard_jones_substrate_12_April_10 (1.08 KB)

dump.lennard_jones_substrate_12_April_10_truncated (283 Bytes)

I think xmovie requires the atom ID and atom type, then x y z be the
1st 5 columns
of the dump lines.