[lammps-users] FYI: New visualizer for atomistic data - OVITO

Hi all,
For sometime, I have been working with this new visualizer called OVITO.
I am so happy with it that I just want to inform all other LAMMPS users also.
I feel that it is the best around when you are working with metals.
The functionalities of this visualizer is completely aligned with LAMMPS data format which again is very nice thing for us.

Among many features following are the ones that I hope anyone who is working with metals will appreciate:

  • Common neighbor analysis
  • Ackland bond-angle analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Coordination number analysis
  • Displacement vector calculation
  • Calculation of extrinsic strain tensors at the atomic level
  • Calculation of intrinsic strain tensors at the atomic level
    check out here: http://www.ovito.org

Hope you will also enjoy it !

Thanks for the info. There is a link to OVITO on the LAMMPS "other codes" page: