[lammps-users] git bug?


please always keep the list in cc. thanks.

git branch gives "* master"
version is 1.7.1


ok. that looks reasonable.

i've tried to mimic your setup
by forcibly setting one of my older
checkouts to the http based reference
instead of the git protocol based one
and i can confirm that the http based
repository access somehow does not contain
the information needed to update the
checkout, while the git protocol based
one does.

the crazy thing is that with the lammps-icms.git
repository http was working fine, so i never noticed,
since that is the only repository that i was using
the http protocol with.

i will have to look into what is needed
update the information the http access method
needs to get proper updates. i'll keep you
and the list posted on that.

thanks for reporting this,


i think i have found the origin for the problems
with the http protocol access to the lammps-ro.git
repository and also implemented a correction to
my script that updates the git repository from the
svn repository. can you please try to "git pull" again
now and let me (and everybody else on the list
that may use the git repository) know if this now
fetches the updates.


That worked! I'm up to date now. Thanks!


Axel Kohlmeyer wrote: