[lammps-users] Granular Matter Visualization

I'm using ParaView (Windows) which works fine for postprocessing of granular LAMMPS simulations.
1) Install Pizza.py
2) In the folder with your LAMMPS result file (e.g. dump.foo) start Pizza.py (python -i c:\path\to\pizza\src\pizza.py)
3) Enter: vtk(dump("dump.foo")).many("out_foo") to get .vtk-files you can open with ParaView

Hint: you should get the update for dump.py and vtk.py done by Christoph Kloss:

Then you can also write the radius of the atoms to your dump file and use this information in ParaView. What you have to do is written in the readme.txt file. The new command in Pizza.py is "manyGran":

3) vtk(dump("dump.foo")).manyGran("out_foo")

Hope this helps.