[lammps-users] Granulation Simulation

Hello everybody,

I am trying to simulate the behaviour of "sticky" particles in some kind of mixing process. I'm using:

atom_style granular
boundary s s p
pair_style gran/hertz/history 4000.0 NULL 100.0 NULL 0.5 0
pair_coeff * *


fix 6 all nve/sphere
fix 7 all gravity 1.0 spherical 0.0 -180.0

fix xwalls all wall/gran 4000.0 NULL 100.0 NULL 0 1 xplane 0 150
fix ywalls all wall/gran 4000.0 NULL 100.0 NULL 0 1 yplane 0 150

as system.

At this stage the particles are moving like ping pong balls and it look ok. What i want to add is a stickyness to the particles surface. Any ideas how to add this effect ?


Martin Köster

You'd need a new/modified potential that has
an attractive term with a short cutoff. I suppose
you might try superposing pair_style lj/expand
on top of granular (via pair_style hybrid/overlay),
but creating ad-hoc models is fraught with pitfalls.