[lammps-users] hBN sheet

hello, good afternoon sir,
i want to say that i can’t understand how to calculate the stress , strain and tensile test on hBN sheet . also sir iam unable to use reax field potential for hBN sheet .
below it is a input file for hBN using reax potential but showed error .
plz help me to calculate stress strain and tensile test!

thank you

test.txt (986 Bytes)

these are questions that you should be asking your adviser/supervisor or more experienced colleagues.
please also note that there are tutorials posted on the web that demonstrate how to do these things with LAMMPS that you can use to teach yourself.
the LAMMPS homepage lists several of them.

there is a whole section in the LAMMPS manual that explains how to determine what can cause an error and where to look for additional help.
most of the time people didn’t follow the documentation and thus you need to check it more carefully.

please keep in mind that this is a mailing list and no classroom and your chances to get help depend crucially on asking specific questions that are on-topic, e.g. where the documentation is inconsistent or not in line with the behavior of the LAMMPS program.