[lammps-users] HDF utilities

Dear Group,

Upon the number of requests I received, I decided to post my HDF<->LAMMPS
scripts. They don't come with any documentation, but are easy to understand.
So far this is a pragmatic hack and not really elegant. Stay tuned for my new
C++-plugin to handle hdf5 directly within lammps.

Mainly you want to use bin2hdf.py to convert lammps binaries to hdf -- you
have to specify what is in which column inside the script, as this is not
contained in the lammps files.

Best regards:

bin2hdf.py (891 Bytes)

hdf.py (6.38 KB)

compress.py (1.88 KB)

lammps.py (8.46 KB)

hdf2lammps.py (615 Bytes)

readhdf.py (851 Bytes)

log.py (13.6 KB)

WriteArray.py (518 Bytes)