[lammps-users] Help in Granular Models


I'm a new user of Software LAMMPS and I'm to trying work with granular
package. I
want to simulate dynamics of granular materials like in Brazil Nut Effect. I
wrote a script input, I tried run in LAMMPS, but the terminal (in
linux) show few lines without error messages and nothing more happens.

In section 4.6, pg 27 of Manual, there is 12 commands to run a simulation of a
granular model. I'd like to know if with only these commands is possible
simulate the Brazil Nut phenomenon?

I've doubts about parameters in some commands... Is there another document that
explain the parameters for granular simulations?

Is there anyone working with granular models to discuss more details with me?

Thanks for any help.

Best regards.


The examples dir has a sample granular problem (pour) which
has a full script on how to run such a problem. Section 2 of
the manual describes how to run scripts if you're not getting
output. And the Movies page lists the emails of a group at Iowa
State doing Brazil nut style simulations, so I'd contact them