[lammps-users] Help running LAMMPS -- Killed error

Dear Mrs,

Im writing from Peru, i was trying to run the lammps software in ubuntu 9.04, it was quite dificult for me because i was new in Linux. I install LAMMPS with the complete packages, but when i install the MEAM and REAX packages and i compile LAMMPS correctly i got errors like:

When meam is not installed:

led@…1531…:~/LAMMPS/examples/meam$ ./lmp_debian < in.meam
LAMMPS (7 Jul 2009)
Reading data file …
orthogonal box = (-6 -6 -6) to (5.97232 5.97232 5.97232)
1 by 1 by 1 processor grid
128 atoms
ERROR: Invalid pair style

When meam is installed:

led@…1531…:~/LAMMPS/examples/meam$ ./lmp_debian < in.meam
Terminado (killed)

I have run the examples from the directory of lammps but when i install REAX and MEAM and i try to run any example(flow, meam, colloid, etc) i got the “Killed” error. I dont know what Killed means … im looking forward for your answer.

PD: i have read in a chinese web that this error happens because i have just 512MB or 1GB of RAM and i need to extent it to 2GB.



Edwin Samanez Zuñiga
Estudiante Ing. Electrónica.
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería

Invalid pair style means you did not include the MEAM or REAX packages
when you built LAMMPS. You need to do make yes-meam before
doing the build.

You do not need 2 Gb per processor to run a 128 atom problem.