[lammps-users] help

I am new to this mailing list and a new LAMMPS user. I have some problems about the running the tools part in LAMMPS. I would appreciate for any help.

I am not an advanced user, neither in linux nor python. I have LAMMPS (release 10 Nov 05) running on Fedora Core 3. Particularly, the xmovie tool requires some fixes in Makefile. I have entered the correct path for the xpm.h include. When I follow the instructions on the documentations, and try to make I am getting an error message as follows

gcc -c -O2 -finline-functions -g -DMISSINGDEFS -D_POSIX_SOURCE -DUSEPRIVATE -DINCL_FLOAT -Wimplicit -Wunused -Wmissing-prototypes /usr/X11R6/include/X11/xpm.h version.c
gcc -o xmovie -O2 -finline-functions -g version.o xmovie.o control.o scene.o read.o hpsort.o -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -lXaw
read.o(.text+0x14ec): In function ReadProc': /root/lammps-10Nov05/tools/xmovie/read.c:527: undefined reference to fmod’
read.o(.text+0x1535):/root/lammps-10Nov05/tools/xmovie/read.c:531: undefined reference to fmod' read.o(.text+0x1598):/root/lammps-10Nov05/tools/xmovie/read.c:536: undefined reference to fmod’
read.o(.text+0x1771):/root/lammps-10Nov05/tools/xmovie/read.c:529: undefined reference to fmod' read.o(.text+0x17c7):/root/lammps-10Nov05/tools/xmovie/read.c:533: undefined reference to fmod’
read.o(.text+0x17fb):/root/lammps-10Nov05/tools/xmovie/read.c:538: more undefined references to `fmod’ follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [xmovie] Error 1

I have also tried pizza.py tool. With pyhton, I am completely lost.

I just want to use this xmovie tool so that I can visalize the atoms and the movement between each specified step.

As the xmovie docs say, it can be tricky to make – not so portable.
The good news is you have compiled correctly; the error is in the link.
Since it isn’t finding fmod, a C math func, I’d guess you need to
include the C math library in the link line - e.g. -lm.