[lammps-users] How can I make difficult initial models by LAMMPS?

Dear Friends,

I have 2 problem.

1- I am going to model a “cluster deposition” by LAMMPS. However, I do not know how to make a circle of atoms as a cluster!!!

2- I am going to import some positions data to LAMMPS.but this thinks comes to my mind that: how can these positions find their equilibrium positions in LAMMPS. I have not done this before.

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You dont state what you mean by a cluster. If you mean
those atoms have bonds between them, then the read_data
file defines the bonds. You can use the minimize command
to relax the initial config of the atoms. Or run dynamics
with fix viscous and a small timestep or use fix nve/limit.


You can also use zero velocity for all cluster atoms and the same translational one.