[lammps-users] How do I save animations created in Xmovie?

I want to save an animation that I have created from a dump file using
xmovie. How can I do this (preferably in a format that is easy to embed
in a PowerPoint presentation)?

xmovie -scale dump.file
lets U visualise the simulation. To create an animated gif out of what
you see, do the following:
1) Click on the save button and choose "On while animating" and run
thro the movie.
2) This will create a set of image*.xpm files which are the different
frames of the animation.
3) On a GNU/Linux-OS I use "convert -delay 0.1 image*.xpm mytest.gif"
to convert the set of images into an animated gif.
4) If the animated gif file is large I would optimize it using gimp
(click on filters-animation-optimize for gif and save as an animated

I assume an animated gif can be used in powerpoint.
I would like to know about alternative methods to the one outlined above.

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2008/7/24 <[email protected]...>:

I assume an animated gif can be used in powerpoint.

yes, but unless there has been a big change recently (haven't
had to use powerpoint in the last couple of years), they have
a big flaw. the code to display them seems to seek through
the whole file for every frame, slowing the animation down
systematically the longer it lasts. if it is only a short
animation it does not matter much.