[lammps-users] how to add an atom with some velocity run towards a relaxed sample and interact with the sample

Hello everyone:
I want to simulate the phenomena of si irradiate the sic sample.i have relaxed the sic sample use the tersoff potential,and i planned to use the tersoff/zbl potential for the si and sic
However,when i add the si element with 10e8m/s velocity,the system explode . i thought about using create_atoms command,the problerm is that in this way the atom id is uncertain,so i cann’t identify which atom is the one i created.is there anyother ways to add the si atom to the sample?
thank you very much.

The create_atom single command will add a single atom.
You can set its velocity with the velocity command. But you
need to be careful with units. 10e8 m/sec sounds a bit high,
since it's 3x the speed of light.