[lammps-users] How to assign a initial velocity to a atom group?

Dear all

I am thinking to ramp the velocities from vlo to vhi at the initial time.
The velocities what I want are not constant, but just incipient velocities.
These velocities maybe decay as the calculation goes on.
It seemed that this goal can not be achieved by “velocity” command.

Would you please share me the method, if you have dealed with this situation.
Some comments or suggestions are all appreciated.


The velocity command sets velocities once. It does not modify
them during a run. If it doesn't do what you want, then you can
set whatever velocities you want and specify them in the data
file (see the read_data command). If you want to modify
velocities during a run, then that is thermostatting - see Section
4.16 of the manual.