[lammps-users] How to dump data within a range of timestep


I am running a simulation on deforming a solid. I am running it until 100,000 timesteps. Now I want to output a few properties only between timstep 70,000 to 80,000. The way I am doing it right now is to dump properties from the beginning to end, thereby generating large files. But I don’t need data for the beginning portion. Could you please provide any suggestion as to how I dump data within a short range of timestep into the simulation without stopping or interrupting it.


  • Piyas

Hello, Piyas,

You can divide your run into discrete phases, and use dump files for some parts of the simulation but not others. So, for instance, you’d have “run 70000” with no dump file, “run 10000” where you define a dump file, then “run 100000” after an “undump” statement, and so forth.