[lammps-users] how to find the lattice constant at high temp?

Dear lammps users,

what procedure has to be followed to determine the lattice constant at high temp like 50/100K?
if i want to evaluate the force at high temp, since the atoms are vibrating, they show different values at different instant so, is i need to take the average of forces for a number of steps like 100, 200 or 500?

with best reagards

If you run NPT the system will equilibrate to a new volume (at high T)
which will let you infer the lattice constant. If you want to do
this via minimization, then I'll let Aidan answer. I think there
is a way to include the kinetic contribution in the pressure used
by fixed box relax to induce it to relax the system to the lattice
constant that includes the hi T effect. The fix box/relax page
talks a bit about this, but he is the expert.