[lammps-users] how to give shear?

I am working with LAMMPS for the system Fe-Zn. Here Zn(HCP) is coated over Fe(BCC) and I need to give shear to the zinc system such that if I give strain/displacement/shear to only the top layer of Zinc the subsequent layers in the Zinc should also displace relatively (hence the inner Zn will have less amount of shear). I ve used the velocity command for this but I find only the top layer is moving if i give displacement. So how should I give the conditions for the shear to occur? Kindly help me on this.


Dinesh kumar
2nd yr M.Tech
IIT - Kharagpur

There are various commands for this. See examples/shear for
test problems. You may want to use the velocity ramp command
to initialize the system with a ramped velocity so the initial
motion of the top layer does not induce a shock. You can shear
the entire box uniformly with the fix deform command.