[lammps-users] How to model a Model nanoplate?


My name is Tam, a new Lammps user. I want to model a nanoplate for Ni. The lengths are Lx=Ly=40 units; Lz=4 units.
This is my code:

variable a equal 3.52

lattice fcc $a

region myCell block 0 40.5 0 40.5 0 4.5

create_box 1 myCell

create_atoms 1 box

Is it correct? I find some problems with the atomic positions. Can you help me to model a nanoplate by using Lammps?

Thank you so much.

Duc Tam

I presume these command made LAMMPS create
an fcc lattice of atoms in the specified region. If
you want it to do something else, then you need
to tell it to do something else.