[lammps-users] How to use fix rigid when pair_style hybrid used

Hi Lammps Users,

I have to make a rigid body composed of two types of particles in which each of them interacts with other types with two different pair potentials (ie, used pair-style hybrid).
If I group them and use fix rigid, how would the rigid body interact with other types of particles (in terms of pair potential) ?

[group rBody type 3 4
fix rigid 1 groupid_rBody single…]

Time integration via fix rigid and force computation via pair styles are completely separate steps and do not need to know anything about each other.

The pair style adds forces to the per-atom force arrays (and - if needed - tallies energies and virial into its accumulators) and the fix uses the per-atom forces and the rigid body geometry to compute center-of-mass force and torque for each rigid body and then applies time integration and updates rigid body velocities and position/orientation which are then translated back to atom positions and velocities.