[lammps-users] Hybrid and granular

Dear All,

We would insert a force (e.g. harmonic) between two particles in granular style. Since there is no force between the particles when r > d, I think we should use hybrid pair_style according to the manual of lammps:
“If a granular potential is used as a sub-style of pair_style hybrid, then specific atom types can be used in the pair_coeff command to determine which atoms interact via a granular potential.”

But as you know, the bond style uses point particles but granular does not, and I do not know how we can assign masses to particles in data file.

Is there any sample file for using granular style by hybrid command?

Any comment is appreciated!

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What pair style are you planning to use with granular that will
provide a harmonic attractive force? The doc page for
read_data describes the format of an atom_style granular
data file with per-atom masses.


Dear Steve,

We would add Hookean harmonic attractive interaction (for r>d) between some of granular particles. We thought that we can use “pair_style hybrid” to have both granular and harmonic bond interactions, but then I recognized that harmonic interaction is categorized in “bond_style” command (sorry, I mentioned pair style in my first email). Thus I think we could not use “hybrid” argument neither in bond_style nor in pair_style to achieve our goal.

What do you suggest us?

Many thanks.
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