[lammps-users] I have another question for indent command.

Dear Users,

I have another question.
If I locate the center of cylinder at some boundary in a periodic square box,
is that indenter applied to the other points of boundary ?
Am I correct ?
For example, I have (0-10A)*(0-10A)*(0-10A) box.
I locate the center of the cylinder whose radius is 3A at (0,0,0) along z axis.
Then, does it mean that I locate the cylinder at (0,10,0), (10,0,0), and (10.10,0) along z axis?

Thank you for your help.
Se Il.

The doc page for fix indent says:

IMPORTANT NOTE: For spherical and cylindrical indenters, you should
insure the indenter's extent does not overlap a periodic boundary,
either for a fixed indenter, or one that moves. No check for such
overlaps is performed by the code.