[lammps-users] Illegal Group command

Hi all

I am running the following loop to input and extract heat from the
system, but I am getting illegal group command.

label myloop
variable enrgy loop 1000
                group qout region outcyl
                fix 420 qout heat 1 -5.0e-8
                fix 421 qin heat 1 5.0e-8
                fix 422 all nve
                run 1
                unfix 422
                unfix 421
                unfix 420
                group qout delete
                next enrgy
                jump in.lammps myloop

I encounter "Illegal Group Command" when lammps execute " group
qout delete" command. I just want to delete this group and recreate
one, so that the atoms which are not part of the region after nve run,
are not included in the qout group.


Group delete was added a couple days ago, so unless
you're running the latest upgrade LAMMPS, you can't use it.