[lammps-users] Implementing cone region in Lammps

Dear lammps-users,

I made a quick implementation of a cone-shaped region. (See diff to 19
May version in attachment).

This can be used to create e.g. atomistic tethers to wires in eam.
Example animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oQqOEpB1gs

My current implementation did not involve adding to the documentation,
or in the granular package (e.g. to create funnels). If there is a
wish for this kind of stuff, I could finish it so that it can be
implemented in a next lammps version.

region_cone.diff.gz (4.56 KB)


Thanks. That looks very useful. I will pass it on to Steve. It would be halpful if you could also post a modified version of doc/region.txt or doc/region.html, describing the definitions of the command arguments. Finally, it would help if you posed a small example (just an input script) so we can test it.


I just posted your region cone as a 26Jun patch.
Check the www site authors.html page. Did I get
your name right? Do you have an affiliation?

Thanks for working on this,

Hi, I will add the doc and a sample input later on, didn''t get to that yet.
Name is correct, my current affiliation is "CSI TU Darmstadt"

I must say that up to now the Lammps structure has been very easy to
understand, so I'll hope to implement some more projects with it.

greetings, Pim