[lammps-users] Improper behavior of minimizer

Hi LAMMPS users,

I’m writing to get some help from you about the problem of domain size-dependent energy minimization.

I’m trying to relax a subdomain of a deformed structure using the energy minimizer. I want to treat some parts of my domain as a rigid body and only allow relaxation of a small part of my domain. To achieve this, I used fix setforce 0 0 null to fix the x and y position of my ‘rigid body’ and allow it to relax along the z direction. The mobile part is allowed to relax along all directions. The part of setting is following:

Hi Shafat,

Thanks for your suggestion.

1.I will try min_style fire.
2. Since I want to keep the mobile part of the system deformed and follow your suggestion, I may relax the entire domain first, then deform the mobile part, then use fix setforce to the rigid structure. Does this match your suggestion?