[lammps-users] indentation depth

I asked this question before but I couldn't take any
answer.If someone knows the answer, please help me.

My question is:

I am confused with 2D indentation simulation. Box size
in y direction is 10, but spherical indenter's radius
is 5 and center of indenter is in 13 at y direction.
does It mean that indenter touches the surface
beginning indentation?

Also, as far as I understand,indentation depth is
found runxtimestepxindentation velocity, is this
calculation true?


Here's the answer I gave the first time - it went to you and
the LAMMPS list, so I don't know why you didn't see it:

The y box size is in lattice units, and for a 2d hex lattice the
spacings in x and y are not equal. Thus the box size in y
is 10 times some factor. See the lattice doc page for details.