[lammps-users] Installing ATC in linux with mpi

Dear lammps users,
I am trying to install lammps on my machine with ubuntu linux and mpi.
When I go to the src folder and give the

make yes-MANYBODY/KSPACE/MOLECULE and give make mpi, it installs.

But when I give the make yes-MANYBODY/KSPACE/MOLECULE and make yes-ATC and then give make mpi, it shows the error message:

Makefile:362: recipe for target ‘mpi’ failed
make: *** [mpi] Error 2

I am trying to install the LAMMPS_VERSION “2 Jul 2021”

Please help me in this regard.


Harkishan Dua
PhD Student
Department of Physics
Assam University Silchar

You have to more carefully follow the compilation/installation instructions. If you are not comfortable with the more “manual” process compiling using the traditional makefiles, you should use the CMake based build system, which can do more things automatically for you. However, also in that case you have to correctly follow the installation instructions.

Since you are building the development version of LAMMPS, you should build the latest version (20 September 2021) so that you have all bugfixes and improvements included.