[lammps-users] Invalid Pair style in lammps15-jan10

Dear Lammps user and Developers,
I have just compiled lammps15-JAN10 version with mvapich-1.2.0 and fftw-2.1.5 without any error message.
Now I am having difficulty with pair style command. It gives error msg invalid pair style (I want to set my pair style lj/charmm/coul/long/opt )for every pair style except pair style “none”.
How can I can resolve this problem.

Dear hemant

It is beter that you go on src directory through terminal and type “make yes-all” then make suitable machine(i assume it is debian) i.e type “make debian”. after this process copy lmp_debian that created on src directory to your work directory.


As it explains on its doc page, to use an “opt” potential, you need
to include the opt package when you build LAMMPS.
make yes-opt
make debian