[lammps-users] Is the fix indent documentation up-to-date?


I am just wondering if there has been a change in the fix indent command lately, and whether the doc pages about this command are up-to-date? I keep getting errors from the fix indent command, even though I use scripts that worked quite recently.

Has there been updates to the use of the "plane" keyword in the fix indent, and how is really the use of the "vel" keyword? (It is not explained in the doc pages as far as I can see.)

Hope someone could assist me in solving this.

Here is an example of the command I would like to use, but which gives me an error:

fix indenter all indent 50.0 plane y 100.0 hi vel 0.0 -0.05 0.0 units lattice

Christer H. Ersland.

You can check this yourself by visiting the WWW site bug.html
page and searching for fix indent. There will be a BACKWARD
COMPATABILITY note if the syntax changed. And the doc
page for fix indent on the WWW site will always reflect the
current version. The vel option has been replaced with
(more flexible) variables.