[lammps-users] is the ttm function praticable in my solid sumulation?

is the ttm function in lammps praticable in my solid simulation? paul said that plasmas often have their ions at one temperature and their electrons at a different temperature. For solids, it is less common but still possible, especially when the electrons are temporarily excited to a high temperature (i.e. by a laser)., but I am simulating the process of cutting copper with diamond cutting tool, I am not sure if I still can use ttm?

I would read the TTM paper(s) and see if you think
it is applicable. Paul may wish to comment further.



I'm not knowledgeable about cutting copper with a diamond cutting tool, so you'll have to decide whether or not TTM is appropriate. TTM has typically been used with rapidly-heated metals, so my guess is that TTM is appropriate for your system. You'll have to figure out the initial conditions and boundary conditions that are best for modeling your system.