[lammps-users] Is the webpage of LAMMPS and the mail archive down?


I have been trying to access the LAMMPS documentation website and archive mail lists but I am met with ‘This site can’t be reached’. Have to google questions on sourceforge but most of the time it is difficult to trace questions. Is this happening only for me and when will it be back?


The Sandia website is accessible for me. It is a known problem that it sometimes blocks people because a range of IP numbers of their internet provider is (temporarily) rejected due to blacklisting.

An alternative location of the LAMMPS documentation is at https://docs.lammps.org/
It reflects the head of the development branch instead of the latest patch release, but usually the differences are usually small and it is hosted at a different location.

The mailing list archive at sourceforge is an alternative to the one at Sandia and always updated, while the Sandia one is only occasionally updated. You can search it with Google just as well by using the site: keyword in the search query. The search o. The Sandia site does the same only it is preset.