[lammps-users] Issue with 'Variable'

       I found that a small set of commands involving 'variable' which
earlier used to work fine apparently is not doing its job. Below i have
pasted the section of code (minus the other irrelevant details in this
regard of my system).

The correct syntax for this line

variable c equal mult($c,add($e,1.0))


variable c equal mult(v_c,add(v_e,1.0))

else the variable values on the right-hand side
will be substituted for immediately rather than
when "c" is evaluated.

The variable doc page explains this. Not sure how
it worked an earlier LAMMPS.


      Thanks for the response. But the modification didn't work either
and produced the same result when printed.


Steve Plimpton wrote:

Ah, you are trying to redefine the variable c, which you can't do.

Change the 2nd "variable c" to "variable d" and it will work
with the suggestion I sent before.