[lammps-users] lam-mpi compile problem

Dear all,
I tried to compile LAMMPS on the environment of RedHat Linux box, lam-mpi(LAM 7.1.2/MPI 2 C++/ROMIO - Indiana University), no FFTs:
shell$: make crockett
Unfortunately, it comes some errors as
make[1]: Entering directory /data/home/zhouqiang/lammps-9Mar07/src/Obj_crockett' mpiCC -g -O -DFFT_NONE -DGZIP -c angle_charmm.cpp In file included from angle_charmm.cpp:25: force.h:61: syntax error before *’ token
force.h:62: syntax error before *' token make[1]: *** [angle_charmm.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory /data/home/zhouqiang/lammps-9Mar07/src/Obj_crockett’
make: *** [crockett] Error 2
But it can get a successful compilation and link with the oldder version of LAMMPS(20 Oct 06) in the same enviroment.
I am not sure whether the code style in the c++ head files is conflicting with lam-mpi’s rules.Can anyone help me?


Try putting the word "class" in front of the flagged lines in force.h, e.g.

  class Pair *new_pair(char *);

Other compilers don't seem to complain when it's missing, but maybe
yours is.