[lammps-users] lammps as a library

Dear All,
to compile lammps as a library I enter this command:

make makelib
and get the following error: Word too long.
make: *** [makeib] Error 1
This is a knowni bug patched at Nov 07 but I still have this error.
Another issue is I am trying to use lammps with reax as an energy calculator library that will be called from a F90 code. I checked out related documentation but I think they are not enough for me. Is there any other resources for this?
Dundar Yilmaz
Texas A&M University. 
Dept. of Chem. Eng.

That's an odd error since the lines are not that long.
You can look in Make.csh and see what the
code is doing. One of the set or sed commands
must be failing. You could break the alphabet into
more than 5 partitions, following the pattern there
and maybe it would work.

Re lib - see the examples/couple files for an example
of how to call and link to LAMMPS as a lib.