[lammps-users] lammps create atom in a region created atoms at the same position?

Hi, Steve:

Thanks for the help on deleting atoms. After I added thermo_modify lost ignore, my program continues to run when atoms move out of boundary. Now I have another problem. After running for 10000 steps, I add a slab of atoms by:

create_atoms 1 region mbox

Where region “mbox” and lattice are defined at beginning of the input file

lattice diamond 3.5657
region mbox block 0 6 0 6 5 6

However, the newly created atoms are all located at the same positions (19.6717363780, 18.0560591148, 14.6248294440). How does this happen? What might be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

If you use these commands by themselves at the beginning of a run, where
does it put the atoms, if you dump them?

I don't think doing it later in a run should be any different.


Hi, Steve:

Never mind, I think I made a mistake myself. The atoms located at the same positions are those deleted atoms. So their positions are undefined.