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The LAMMPS developers are looking for feedback from people that use and/or compile LAMMPS on Windows to improve our support for Windows users. So if you do use LAMMPS on Windows, please answer the questions that apply to you.
Note that we only ask for an e-mail address to detect if somebody is filling out the form a second time to update/correct the response.
Please forward to anybody you know using LAMMPS on Windows that is not subscribed to the mailing list or the forum, so that we get as many responses as possible and thus can make the most relevant choices.

Thanks in advance to everybody that participates.

LAMMPS for Windows Questionnaire

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Dear LAMMPS Users,

Sorry to bring this topic to your attention again.

Until now we have received exactly 7 responses to this questionnaire. That is about 1 per day. Considering the total number of LAMMPS users (there are nearly 1500 people subscribed to this mailing list alone, for example), this is very little and thus roughly translates into “I don’t really care”.

So if you do care about continued support for LAMMPS on Windows, please take the survey so we have feedback that can be trusted. With 7 responses there is not much to learn from this.
Otherwise we will take the hint and won’t spend much more time on porting more parts of LAMMPS to Windows and particularly not spend time on improving building LAMMPS natively with Visual Studio.

Thanks to all that have responded so far.


Hi Axel,

I personally don’t use LAMMPS on Windows but will send this questionnaire over to folks that I know do and are not part of this mailing list. Maybe others can do the same?


Dear LAMMPS users,

This is the last time I am bringing this up. We still have far too few responses to the form for any meaningful analysis except that we can perhaps finally drop providing 32-bit packages since everybody responding was using 64-bit windows.

So if you are using LAMMPS on windows and have not yet filled out the questionnaire, please do so now.