[lammps-users] LAMMPS granular poly-disperse patch with corrected Hertz force

Dear Steve and others,

I worked out a patch to enable poly-disperse for the granular package.

Also, fixed the bug reported earlier.

A recent inquire about weak shear force between particles maybe relevant.

Check attached zip package for detail.



lammps_poly_patch.rar (380 KB)

Yang - please see the latest LAMMPS release (9Jan09)
which has a bug fix for polydispersity in the granular Hertzian
ff - the WWW page for doc/pair_gran.html has all the
details including new formulas. I believe the code
is consistent with the formulas now.

The Hookean code is essentially unchanged, but the
doc page now does a better job of explaining polydispersity
in the 2 cases (Hooke and Hertz).

So if you can check/verify that this solves the problem you
identified earlier, that would be great.