[lammps-users] LAMMPS-ICMS (parallel) windows version available

hi everybody,

recently i have been playing with the MinGW based
linux to windows cross compiler and it looks that
it was (so far) successful.

since i have no windows machine myself, it is difficult
to test (i only have the wine "emulator") and i am
looking for some fearless souls that want to give it
a try. you can find more information at:

and download the installer from:

the binary has all packages except GPU support included,
contains all additional features and improvements from
the LAMMPS-ICMS branch (e.g. dump dcd/xtc for groups)
and has been compiled without OpenMP (i have to upgrade
to fedora 13 for that). it does, however, support MPI
parallel execution (via mpich.nt). for serial execution,
no mpich installation is needed.

i would be _very_ grateful for any problem reports.
i also recommend trying out the /omp versions of
the pair styles, as most of them contain additional
optimizations. also details about differences in
performance compared to paul's windows binaries
would be very helpful (i've tried to compile for
maximal compatibility, but...).