[lammps-users] LAMMPS input files for teaching and/or research

Dear all,

I am looking for working LAMMPS input files to use in my teaching. I am currently working to develop courses in which I teach students how to use LAMMPS for MD simulations. I think a very efficient way of teaching LAMMPS is to ask students run a previously published simulation first and then modify it for themselves. Therefore, I am looking for people who are kind enough to give away the input files of their published simulations (and point me to the related publications). It is important for me to be able to distribute the input files freely. Please let me know if there is any limitation for distribution of the input file or for using it in teaching and/or research.

Thank you very much in advance.



dear amir,

for starters, have a look at the "examples" directory.
those systems are very instructive and easy to perform.
the typical set of simulations that leads to a publication
is usually far to time consuming to be re-rerun be students.


Matt Lane (CCd on this email) has been talking to
folks about using LAMMPS for teaching - he may have
some feedback for you.