[lammps-users] LAMMPS on i86 Solaris 10


I was wondering if anyone has managed to compile LAMMPS with the MEAM library on an Opteron Solaris HPC cluster. The default Makefile.solaris compiles fine (of course, it uses c++ which is just the gnu c++ compiler and not the sun hpc compiler), but doesn't include MPI, FFT or MEAM. I have been unsuccessful in modifying the makefile and compiling LAMMPS using mpCC (native mpi/sun hpc c++ compiler) -- I just get many, many build errors. If anyone has built LAMMPS in this environment and would like to pass along a few tips & tricks or a makefile that would be *greatly* appreciated.


There are 2 issues here.

1) build LAMMPS on Solaris using the native compiler
If you can figure out how to build any C++ MPI program with mpCC,
then you should be able to build LAMMPS. It's just vanilla C++

2) add the MEAM lib. This is more an issue of linking
a Fortran lib to a C++ code. Your Fortran compiler should
have docs that tell you how to do this, since it is often compiler-specific.