[lammps-users] LAMMPS tutorial

Hi LAMMPSians,
I am belong to rural and remote area, I want to learn LAMMPS. I have built LAMMPS both on windows and unix systems but I need LAMMPS tutorial which helps me how to start to write input script for LAMMPS. Please can anybody help me in this connection. To get help from example folder is difficult for me.
Sincerely yours,
Ram Chand

Sorry, there are no tutorial docs, other that what comes
with the distribution tar file (doc pages, examples directory).
If you can visualize LAMMPS dump files, then running the
2d examples and playing with the input scripts and reading
the doc pages for the commands they contain, should
get you started.



On Linux, keep the LAMMPS commands part of the LAMMPS documentation open on your browser. Go to the examples directory and try to understand each “in.*” script by clicking on the corresponding part of the documentation which is open in your browser. This is how I and some people I work with tried to learn the LAMMPS input script. Perhaps it may work for you.

Best Regards,

2009/10/8 Ram Chand <raguelmoon@…16…>