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Which barostats can be applied for non-cubic simulation boxes?

none at the moment. It’s on the to-do list.

Is the Lammps code able to calculate the Gibbs free energy of the system?

Not directly - my understanding is there is no 1 way to do this. We will soon release
some thermodynamic integration add-ons that do this for a particular kind of system.
I’m CCing a couple other LAMMPS developers if they want to comment.


You can construct an orthorhombic simulation cell corresponding to your hexagonal structure, and use fix npt/aniso to simulate your system.

The add-ons that Steve was talking about will enable you to compute the free energy difference between an ordered structure (solid) and a disordered structure. Once the add-ons have been released, you should be able to tailor them to allow you to compute the Gibbs free energy of your system (relative to a reference state).