[lammps-users] Lost atoms

Dear Lammps_users

    I encountered a error: Lost atoms: original 1200 current 5.
So I went to check the log file and found that the atoms in the region don't match with the sum of that of all the groups.
      Would you please give me some advice?

  btw: In my input, I created one region which is divided into three groups.
  The input about the geometry is:

I'm not sure what you're asking, but if the problem
is that your groups don't add up to the region, then
I think the problem is that atoms on the boundary between
2 regions will belong to both. I.e. if you specify
a block region goes from 0 to 5 and another from 5 to 10,
and there are atoms whose coord is 5, then when you
assign to groups, those atoms on the boundary will get
assigned to both groups. So you probably want one
group to be 0 to 5 and the other 5+epsilon to 10.