[lammps-users] making lammps for linux

Hi, This might not be the appropriate place to post
this qn but could not find any one to help.

I have tried LAMMPS on a single processor and it runs
well. I want to now make sure if I can build LAMMPS
for parallel processing. I have installed MPI on my
linux box. I want to build LAMMPS fo linux with MPI
using Makefile.linux. Its compiling properly but at
the end giving me an error message saying -lmpi
(USRLIB) is not found. Can someone tell me what does
-lmpi refer to and what should its path be. I have
MPICH2 on my box. I would be great if someone could
tell me about SYSLIB also (Its path and what is it).

If you built MPI then it created a libmpi.a somewhere on your system.
-lmpi simply links to it, if you provide a path with a -L setting
in the Makefile.*.

If this doesn't make sense, then you need to find someone local
who can explain Makefiles to you and set it up for your system.