[lammps-users] making non equilibrium

Dear lammps-users and developers,

I have a small query. I want to specify few block regions in my simulation cell. And then I want to put a condition that any particle in those regions will feel higher temperature than the rest of the simulation. So in my simulation I will have two temperatures, one outside those particular regions and the other inside those regions. How will I do that? Any suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

kind regards

You can define as many geometric regions as you like
with the region command. Including a region that is
the inverse of other regions (everything but those), via
the "side in/out" option.

The compute temp/region command will compute
T for atoms in a region. And you can assign it to
a thermostat (fix nvt, fix langevin, etc) via the
fix_modify command. See doc/Section_howto 4.16 for
details. You can define as many computes and thermostats
as you want.