[lammps-users] Meam

We have been trying to compile LAMMPS by linking to the meam
library (precompiled in their directory) or by copying the meam
files into the source directory and compiling the whole program
together... neither case we have been able to use it or compile it.
In the former case, we are able to compile and link but when it is
use, the program complain the meam has not been defined, while in the
last case, it try to compile but it generates many different errors
during compilation and we are not even able t5o generate an executable.
Is there anybody that has been able to compile LAMMPS with meam in a 64
system? (non-parallel for the moment).

Thanks in advance


There are 2 steps: compile the MEAM lib, and compile
LAMMPS with MEAM. The latter is done as:

make yes-meam; make linux_meam (or some other MEAM-enhance Makefile)