[lammps-users] Mean atomic potential

Dear Lammps user,
I read an article recently.They talk about the average atomic potential.I don’t know if any of you have modeled the average atomic potential.Is this average atomic potential a new potential.
Looking forward to your reply!
Xue bao shuai
October 19, 2021
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology

It would be extremely helpful, if you would actually provide a link to that article that you read so that people have a better sense of what you are referring to.

What is available in LAMMPS directly is described in the manual. If it is not mentioned, it is not included. However, that does not mean that nobody has implemented such a potential. Because it is supposed to be very easy to modify and extend LAMMPS, many people have done so.
In a few cases, people contribute those changes/additions back to the LAMMPS distribution and most of the time, we will include them.
In other cases people decide to rather distribute the modified code on their own, then you will have to search the web or watch out for publications mentioning using that code about how to get hold of it. In yet other cases, people prefer not to share their code.
This mailing list currently has about 1500 subscribers, but that includes only a subset of the people modifying LAMMPS for their own purpose.
There are over 1200 forks of the LAMMPS repository on GitHub alone, and not everybody - especially not “old school” programmers :wink: - uses git or wants to use a (public) fork for their own code development.

All of that is well within the boundaries of the GPLv2 license that LAMMPS is distributed under. The requirement to share source code only comes into play when people distribute binary versions of LAMMPS. And since there is no requirement to notify the LAMMPS developers about any changes, it is not possible for us to point you to people that have add-on code unless they tell us about it. https://lammps.org/external.html