[lammps-users] Modelling Multiphase Flows


I am Vidya Raja, graduate student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Akron, Ohio. I am trying to use Molecular Dynamics for my research project to model sand particles as hard spheres. I am trying to model flow of slurry (containing fluid and particles in the range of 50-600 microns) onto a vibrating screen. Due to the vibrations, the solid particles that get separated form a cake on top of the screen. The vibrations also change the effective interparticle distance thus changing the porosity of the cake. I am trying to find how the vibrations affect the interparticle distance.

I read a paper that modeled the Brazil Nut problem using LAMMPS software and was wondering if the software could be used to model my problem or if it has any other capabilities that might help me. Please let me know if the software can be used for this type modelling and if anyone may have attempted a similar problem. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Vidya Raja

See the doc/pair_gran.html doc pages for granular systems.
Also: section 4.6 of the manual on gran systems. Usually
granular systems are modeled dry (at least with the
LAMMPS options I just listed). Your's is wet, so
you would have to think about what that adds to
the model.